Frequently Asked Questions

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My Data

Q. Are you going to sell/share my data?
A. No.  We never sell or share your information with anyone.  Period.  We will use your scores and performance information to continue to refine our Assessment logic, but we never share your specific information with anyone else.

Q. How secure is my data?
A. Very.  We work very hard to make sure that your information is always secure.  Here are some of the steps we take:

  • Your credentials NEVER leave the Virtual Appliance at your site
  • We NEVER collect personal or sensitive information
  • No Personal Health Information
  • No account information
  • No user login information
  • No equipment configurations
  • We encrypt everything
  • Your data is encrypted before it is uploaded to our Data Center
  • It is encrypted in transit
  • While it is in our Data Center, it is encrypted
  • These keys are rotated every 30 days
Our success depends on your trust.  We have worked hard to earn it, and will continue to work hard to keep it.

About US

Q. Who is MyITAssessment.com?
A. MyITAssessment.com is a division of RISC Networks, LLC.  RISC Networks (www.riscnetworks.com) was founded in 2007 and specializes in providing Business Technology Analytics services to customers all over the world.  RISC Networks, LLC has its home office at 120 Coxe Avenue, Suite 1C, Asheville, NC, 28801.

Q. How many assessments have you run?
A. MyITAssessment.com and RISC Networks have run over 2,000  IT Assessments since 2009.  We have run engagements on every continent in the world, except Antarctica. Penguins don’t do IT Assessments apparently.


Q. Can I get support if I need it?
A. Yes.  We offer email support by opening a ticket here.  We also suggest that you choose one of our certified solution providers to assist if you need extra hands or assistance.  They will assist with the engagement at no charge to you, and will also have some good ideas about how to help you at the end too.  You can see our list of Solution Providers here.

Q.  If we have questions while reviewing the data, is there someone we can talk to?
A. Yes.  We can recommend one of our Solution Providers to assist you in creating a forward looking plan if you would like.  We can also help you directly by providing a report review  for an additional fee.   Please open a ticket here if you would like us to help.

About the Assessment

Q. What is a MyITAssessment IT Assessment?
A.  An IT (or Network) Assessment is a point in time snapshot of what is working in your environment and what is not.   It is designed to give you actionable information about how you can improve your overall IT environment.  In addition, our IT Score gives you an objective analysis of your IT operations as well as giving you a picture of where you stand in the overall IT community.  Our goal is that you can use our assessment to “move the needle” and improve your IT operations.

Q.  How long does this assessment take?
A. From one day to two weeks.  It depends on you.  The longer it runs, the more information it has to analyze.  But your timetable is what is important.  You can start and stop the engagement whenever you need to. 

Q.  Can I run a followup engagement to see how my score improves?
A. Absolutely.   In fact, we hope you do.  We love to help clients improve their IT environment.  Your improvement is our success, so please come back and run it again, and again, and again.

Q. Is this a network monitoring platform?
A. No.  Network monitoring is important, but an IT Assessment is designed to be a thorough analysis of key metrics with actionable output.  We don’t focus on all the pretty charts or dashboards.  We are interested in getting the right data into your hands and giving you clear answers about IT problems and opportunities for IT optimization.  To learn more about how Network Monitoring is different from Assessments, check out our blog.

Q. How many devices can I evaluate?
A. Our IT Assessments cover an unlimited number of devices.  That’s right.  Unlimited.

Q. We have Solarwinds/Spiceworks/What’s Up Gold.  How is this different?
A. Our Assessments are a great way to check those systems and make sure they are tracking what you expect them to track.  In addition, over 75% of our customers have these monitoring platforms already, but still have problems and are missing opportunities to optimize their IT environments. These are the main focus areas for our engagements. We don’t replace these platforms. We just make them better.

Virtual Appliance

Q.  What is required to run the Virtual Appliance?
A.  Our Virtual Appliance runs in VMware products such as VMware Player, VMware Workstation, and all ESX versions of VMware.  The Virtual Appliance requires 2 GB of memory (3 GB required for very large environments) 5 GB of hard drive space. That’s it.  Everything else is included.

For more detailed instructions on setting up your Virtual Appliance, please visit our instructions page.

Q: What access do we need to provide?
A: The MyITAssessment Virtual Appliance will need to be bootstrapped with credentials in order to access your IT assets for inventory and performance collection.  These credentials never leave the Virtual Appliance and the MyITAssessment team never sees them.  Depending on what you would like to analyze, you will need to provide the following credentials and information:

  • IP Subnets (required)
  • SNMP Read-Only Strings (optional)
  • Windows Domain Administrator Credentials (optional)
  • VMware vSphere Credentials or ESX root logins (optional)
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager login (optional)
  • Cisco network equipment CLI credentials (optional)
Q: Why does MyITAssessment need Domain Administrator Credentials?
A: MyITAssessment utilizes WMI, SNMP, ICMP and other scanning techniques to maximize Assessment success. WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is a Microsoft Windows component that allows one computer to access performance statistics and inventory information on another computer. MyITAssessment uses this to complete its Windows inventory and performance analysis. Domain Administrator privileges are needed to complete this portion of the Assessment.

Q: Can I assess multiple Windows Domains?
A: Yes, the Virtual Appliance can utilize credentials from multiple Microsoft Windows domains to gather information on your networks.